Machine Translation
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More than 88% of the World population does not know English

Whether your client lives in China, Paris or Dubai, Multilingual Communication  is the first element to consider in your Organization's strategic global planning.

According to the Summer Institute for Linguistics (SIL) 1999 Ethnologue Survey, more than 88% of the World population does not know English - but this is the language you use to deliver your message!

Thinking globally for your business requires the respect of the tool global audience uses to interact with you: their mother languages; the only way to guarantee that your message is well understood.

Multilingual Communication has always been considered a synonym of "translation". It is not! Translation is one of its components, the most crucial one "for the time being"; but blindly dumping translations can have many negative effects on your Corporate image and credibility.

The need for Multilingual Communication tools is getting more acute as the gates of the world are being forced to open. The European Union spends more than one billion Euros each year on translation alone. The global expenditure on languages (teaching, learning, translations and scientific research) is enormous; it is not a commodity anymore, it is vital for the current economical, political and social patterns to survive.

Your integration in today''s world depends largely on your assimilation of the importance of Multilingual Communication and on the actions you take to be part of this world. Technology and the know-how are now capable of enabling you to communicate with people beyond the boundaries of your horizons.

 Machine Translation